Free Award Publicity


We offer completely free publicity on this site to any awards achieved for plants and or blooms fed with Triplantanol products.

We will offer to upload pictures of your awarded plants and a brief description of your achievements.

We will make contact information available or not according to your wishes. This can also be in the form of a direct link to a web page if you require.

Any plant awards qualify as long as they are nationally or internationally recognised by an official plant judging committee and you are issued with a certificate.

This is extended to include best in show categories or gold ribbons at local or national shows.

We are especially keen to give publicity to Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) awards and those issued by the American Orchid Society (AOS).

This offer applies to all of our customers world wide.

Simply contact us and we can discuss the matter with the final decision resting with us.

We are here to help all our customers celebrate their successes and grow better plants with Triplantanol.

Awarded Paphiopedilum fed on Triaboost

Paphiopedilum. philippinense var. laevigatum fed on Triaboost Awarded

Paph. philippinense var. laevigatum with over 40 growths was recently awarded a First Rosette at the Harrogate Orchid Society Show.

This plant was grown by one of our customer using our product Triaboost in combination with his feeding program. To grow such a large plant with so many growth is indeed challenging and is a spectacular example of their skills. In 2013 it is indeed very rare to see this species grown into such a large specimen plant.

A giant multi growth plant of Paphiopedilum philippinese fed on Triaboost

This truly spectacular plant was grown by a very enthusiastic hobbyist grower and clearly shows what our customers can achieve. Many congratulations.