Paeony flowers well with Triplantanol

Paeony flowers

Basic Guide Triplantanol Standard.

For orchids use Triplantanol Orchid on the Orchid menu

For growing organically use Triplantanol Organic on Organic menu

Triplantanol powder has been formulated to both feed and boost your plant growth in ways that simple fertiliser cannot possibly achieve. This is only possible because of all the growth boosting additives, vitamins and other ingredients we add to the mix.


Use as a general feed on range of plants from juvenile to maturing to fully established flowering size. It can be used with success on shrubs and trees around the garden and on year round vegetables.

Rate of use 5 gms. / 1.litre of compost. Our standard pack is enough to treat 100x 1.litre pots

For plants planted in the ground use at rate of 25 gms./1 square meter of plant

As a general guidance we suggest feeding for 6 weeks of growth boosting followed by a repeat if required.

N.P.K. 17-3-6 Approx.

  • can be applied at any time of the year
  • for best results apply early Spring and throughout the Summer
  • Ideal for pots, tubs, hanging baskets, window boxes and grow bags
  • Triplantanol is suitable for summer bedding plants at the planting out stage
  • Can be used in borders and around the garden
  • Outdoor plants and houseplants
  • Mix Triplantanol into the top 1 inch of soil or compost taking care not to damage roots.

However due to the potency of Triplantanol powder we do not recommend feeding newly germinated seedlings or cuttings with poor root systems. Always wait until your plants are growing vigorously before adding Triplantanol powder

Generally we suggest a minimum pot size of 1.litre, however smaller pots should be fed with caution at the pro-rata rate of 5gms./1.litre of compost.

We do not recommend feeding plants with very sensitive root systems or plants from specialist environmental soils.

Do not feed carnivorous plants or orchids sensitive to root burn or excess salts.

Greenhouse and conservatory plants can be very effectively fed with our products especially during the summer months.