Tetrapanax papyifera always produces large leaves but these triplantanol fed leaves are truely giant.

Tetrapanax papyrifer (used to produce rice paper) grows giant leaves when fed on Triplantanol. These leaves are bigger due to the effect of Triplantanol which contains the chemical triacontanol .

Bigger leaves


Triplantanol powder increases plant cell growth.

One of the most obvious and quickly seen effect is seen in the development of plant leaves.

Triplantanol can have different effects according to the state of growth and metabolism of the plant.

To achieve optimal leaf growth Triplantanol powder should be used in conjunction with a good balanced plant feeding program

  • Plants that are growing most vigorously exhibit the most noticeable effect on leaf growth.

  • There can be both length and width increases in plant leaves.

  • This is often accompanied by increased thickness and robustness.

  • Leaves can become more fuller and more rounded according to leaf form and plant type.

When Triplantanol boosts plant growth this is partly due to expansion of plant cells. In rounded, palmate or orbicular leaves this effect can exhibit itself in changing the leaf appearance to give rounder and fuller leaves. It does not happen in all plant types but can be seen most commonly in hybrid Geranium plants especially the Ivy leafed forms. 

See the following picture of an Ivy leafed (left) and a Zonal Pelargonium (right) where the same cultivar (arrowed in the picture) has been fed with Triplantanol and exhibits larger and more rounded leaves. In fact the Ivy leafed variety has changed leaf shape from palmate to orbicular.

Triplantanol feeding can alow leves to grow larger and become more rounded in Zonal Pelargonium

Effect of Triplantanol on leaf growth.

It may be speculated that increased photosynthetic area available from greater leaf area contributes to increased plant metabolism and growth.