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If you have any enquiries regarding the use of any of the Triplantanol products we welcome your contact. As these products may be new to many users we receive a number of enquiries for guidance and help from customers around the world.

However as Triplantanol products are commercial products, I am sorry we reserve the right to not reveal information that is of a commercial nature. Please do not ask!

Most information about using standard Triplantanol is covered on our web site however we are here to help should you require it. We urge exploration to discover the best way to use our product.

We have a special interest in introducing Triplantanol Organic for the many enthusiastic growers who feel that an organic route to growing it the best choice.


Triplantanol Orchid has been introduced for those growers who were achieving good results from standard Triplantanol greatly diluted down but wanted a more exact way to feed and boost their plants. Triplantanol Orchid provides an easy way to do this from the individual plant to the large orchid collection.

Our commercial experience and ongoing work growing plants, stretches back over 40 years, in this country and abroad.

You may also come across comments or advice offered on newsgroups, forums and postings on the web to which we have contributed.

When you contact us please let us know where you live and the type of plants you are going to boost and feed as this is relevant to any suggestions and advice offered.

BUSINESS ADDRESS / MAIL ADDRESS Triplantanol, Brookside, Southern Lane, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 7JE, United Kingdom.

TELEPHONE / FAX / ANSWERMACHINE 01425 616 608 (International +44 1425 616608)

CONTACT Alan L Winthrop.

E-MAIL  please see the e-mail graphic below and use that to contact us

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