Ornamental citrus respond particularly well to Triplantanol feeding

Growing Exotics

A wide range of exotic plants including citrus can be grown and fed with Triplantanol. As an illustration here are suggestions about growing citrus.


CITRUS are becoming increasing popular with the growth of conservatories and the range of cultivars available.

For reliable flowering and fruiting it is always suggested to grow commercial cultivars rather than pip raised plants that will take many years to mature.

 To achieve best results within the UK a strict feeding program should be adopted. In spring and summer plants should be fed with a high nitrogen liquid fertiliser. Plants should also  be fed with Triplantanol at 6 week intervals throughout this period. Monitoring for excessive growth accordingly. From mid to late summer a high potash feed should be adopted. Plants should be given good light levels throughout the summer and winter. For fruit to develop and ripen in the winter, plants should be have a minimum of 10. degC. with maintained humidity. Triplantanol powder produces large numbers of flower on Citrus plants, providing either winter fragrance of fruit development according to conditions.

For those those that want to use an organic approach to feeding their exotics we suggest that you use Triplantanol Organic and feed accordingly.