Phalaenopsis flower shape is improved with triplantanol

Triplantanol Orchid improves the rounded shape of flowers and increases flower substance.


Better Flower Shape

Triplantanol works by affecting the uptake of plant nutrients and also by increasing the cell growth in many plant parts.

One area of special interest and value to anyone who grows or exhibits blooms is the effect this product can have on flower formation. Greater cell growth in petals allows for more rounded flowers to be produced. An increase in flower substance is often also detected. (This mirrors the effect that is seen in leaf growth).

Here you can see photographic evidence of the effect of 3 months feeding with Triplantanol Orchid powder.

A plant of Phalaenopsis King's Ransome 'Sunshine Dolly' AM/AOS was fed with Triplantanol.  Of great interest was to see the almost immediate effect on the expansion of additional blooms. The new flowers formed on an existing flower stem and showed  improved substance (thickness) and flower shape.

This is indeed unusual as normally Phalaenopsis blooms decrease in size as flowers are produced in succession, or they conform to the approximate same size and shape. Here the blooms have improved in size and shape on an existing flower stem.

We have also noticed improvements in the flowering of Paphiopedilum orchids. There can be an increase in the substance and size of the dorsal sepal and the ventral side petals also exhibit some increase in length.

Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum leaves grow thicker and Paphiopedilum plants often produce multiple growth breaks when Triplantanol is incorporated into a regular feeding program.

We have looked at both orchid families for growth and flowering performance and the effects have been noticeable and beneficial.

We have found that Cymbidiums flower well with Triplantanol Orchid feeding. Though they do still require the correct growing conditions throughout the year to initiate a flowering cycle. Increase the feeding according to your plants size, proportionally.

Oncidium alliance inter generics produce a marked effect in their flower production and flower spike substance.

We suggest using Triplantanol Orchid with orchids such as Phalaenopsis or Paphiopedilum. Supplement your regular feed with at the rate of 1 gms(1/2 teaspoon)/ 12cms. (500ml.vol) pot .  Use at a pro-rata rate according to pot size. We suggest feeding only of established plants with good root systems.  Our standard mix is either pine bark with perlite or coir and perlite. 

Please note the potency of Triplantanol Orchid and we do NOT suggest you increase the feeding dosage with orchids. We also suggest application be for a full growing season.

We also suggest close monitoring of your plants. Some orchid flowers will show some deformation of flowers if feeding exceeds recommended levels. This can be expected from any growth regulators applied to plants. Do not be tempted to over feed your plants with Triplantanol Orchid as the product is very potent!

We do not recommend using standard Triplantanol for feeding of orchids as the product is too strong for delicate orchid roots unless greatly diluted to counter the concentrations