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Grow Organic

How to grow organically with Triplantanol Organic.


Triplantanol Organic is a long lasting feed that will the allow release of nutrients over time.

It is 100% organic and made from 100% organic poultry manure and 100% alfalfa raised naturally from organic sources.

N.P.K. 10-3-6 Approx.

The alfalfa is grown naturally and no genetically modified (GM) varieties are used. In addition it is subject to traceability and a testing system designed to detect any GM material.

Current EU regulations now mean the seller must inform the buyer of any material supplied that originated from genetically modified crops. See EU regulations Regulation (EC) No 1830/2003


On this basis we are able to classify that Triplantanol Organic is non-GM and therefore suitable for use on organic holdings as per Soil Association requirements

It is a rich source of natural iron, vitamins and other micro nutrients. It provides nutritional benefits sources for plants and soil organisms. These are important for the soils structure as any organic gardener will know. Sugars, starches and proteins contribute to the micro flora and add to the fibre structure of the soil.

As well as the major elements of N-P-K is also provides a source of Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium) It is a source of a range of vitamins including Vitamin A and Folic Acid.

Triplantanol Organic can be fed at standard rates of 25gms/square metre of aerial plant growth or for soil bed preparation rate of 20gms/square metres of soil.

As Triplantanol Organic is a complex fertiliser combining organic nutrients from both poultry and alfalfa it is well suited to mixing with other feeding regimes.

It mixes well with standard organic feeding regimes and can be uses to supplement or add to plant nutrition and soil structure. It provides a concentrated boost to plant growth.

A technique which works well is to adopt your standard feeding regime with standard organic nutrition and then work Triplantanol Organic in around special plants that you want to receive an extra boost. This provides a very economical approach to using this product.

However we would urge careful monitoring of your plants so that they do not suffer from excessive feeding to the detriment of crop production.

Triplantanol Organic is a strong growth boosting fertiliser, Do not exceed the recommended application rates.