INDOLE BUTYRIC ACID  water soluble K-IBA  99% Water soluble rooting hormone.

Also known at Indole-3-butryic acid Potassium Salt (IBA-K)


IBA-K the water soluble rooting solution to better plant rooting. Aqueous IBA is very easy to use and dissolves instantly.


INDOLE BUTYRIC ACID  water soluble K-IBA  99% Water soluble rooting hormone.
Powder chemical 5 gms.
Also known at aqueous Indole-3-butryic acid Potassium Salt (IBA-K)

The chemical  we sell is a potent Plant Growth Regulating chemical (PGR) which performs well in assay analysis. 99% Pure.

Supplied from UK with easy dispatch to EU and Europe, Sold worldwide. Sent by post in sealed leak proof containers. Guaranteed not to leak.

Supplied as 5.0 gms of Indole-3-butyric Acid (K-IBA)  / sachets .



The chemical K-IBA , is used in commercial horticulture for plant rooting, transplants, grafting and to improve plant growth worldwide.
A superior rooting hormone that achieves great results for many difficult to root plants.
Rooting with easy to root plants is often superior to NAA hormones.

A water soluble rooting hormone has considerable advantages over the problems associated with alcohol IBA solutions.
There is little plant toxicity if used at correct dilutions.
Mixing up is a easy as weighing and adding to water.

IBA will often give superior results to NAA based rooting hormones.
Powders are sometimes difficult to get the active ingredient into the plants so results can be poor or inferior to solutions.
Rooting solutions rely on the natural process of uptake by the plant.

IBA-K is not readily available to the ordinary gardener but has for many years been the preserve of horticulture and the nursery industry.

Horticulture uses different strengths of rooting hormone for different plant types and at different stages of growth.
Difficult to root plants may often require higher concentrations of rooting hormone or longer exposure,
before the transfer of cutting material to a rooting environment.
Can be readily used with compost media, hydroponic or newer aeroponic rooting systems.
An experimental approach is often necessary to get the best results for your set up and plant type.

As you have control over the active rooting chemical you can be flexible in the concentrations used to achieve best results.
You are not restricted to single strength products or powders that have slower uptake.

IBA-K water soluble rooting hormone

IBA-K is also known as K-IBA. The terms are interchangeable in popular usage in horticulture and with plant growers.

Cuttings are freshly prepared, cut and stem dipped into a K-IBA solution for a few seconds.
Then directly placed into rooting unit or media.

Softwood cuttings  150-500ppm. K-IBA solution.

Hardwood cuttings 500-2000ppm. K-IBA solution

Hardwood cuttings (difficult to root) 2000-10,000ppm. K-IBA solultion

Some growers will use longer dip times to vary the uptake of rooting hormone.

Cuttings are simply soaked in a solution of K-IBA from a few seconds
to a few minutes.
It is believed that more rooting hormone can enter this way because
there is some uptake by leaves.

Softwood cuttings 50-500ppm. solution

Hardwood cuttings 500-1000ppm. solution.


Here plants are sprayed after they have been placed into their rooting
units. The leaves are soaked fully to drip down and the K-IBA solution
is allow to be taken up by the leaves. A pressure pump mist sprayer is ideal for this method.

Softwood and hardwood cuttings 50-250ppm K-IBA.

This K-IBA spraying method can be repeated a number of times according to rooting growth
and crop response.

Mixing Solutions.

K-IBA is completely water soluble.

1000ppm solution = 1g (1000mg) K-IBA / 1000 ml water. (1.0litre)
Mix into a clean container and it is best to store in refrigerator or at 5degC.
Has a shelf life of 6 months as solution.

Store the K-IBA as a dry powder at 5degC in the dark.
Cover supplied vials with aluminium foil to exclude light.

Growers Tip...

Mix up a 2000ppm solution as a stock to dilute and use as required.
2000ppm K-IBA = 2.0 gms (2000mg) K-IBA / 1000ml water
or  equivalent at 1.0gms (1000mg) K-IBA /  500ml water
Store at 5degC.

This is a very useful dilution for stock solutions to root herbaceous and hard to root hardwood cuttings.

Growers Tip...

Illustrated Hibiscus rooted plants.
Some varieties of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis are difficult to root.
Good rooting can sometimes be achieved with the use of K-IBA such as 2000ppm K-IBA for a 3 minute dip of freshly cut
woody material and then placed on a rooting bed at 27degC with a mist timer. Rooting in rockwool cubes.
The rooting environment can be simply duplicated with a clear sealed polythene bag, placed over the top of the pot
to create a mini-greenhouse. Avoid excessive sunlight.

Growers Tip...

Optimal rooting is often achieved if the root zone is warmer than aerial parts of the cutting.
Warm root zone and cooler growing leaf area is often optimal

A rooting zone of 21-27degC and a top growth area of 20-25 degC can work very well for
ornamental or tropical plants.
A mist unit set up relies on this principal.

The Indole-3-butyric-Acid (K-IBA) supplied is a plant rooting hormone.
It is supplied for hobbyist and enthusiastic growers and gardeners.

Suitable for softwood cuttings, semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings. Of special use for difficullt to root plants.

Growers Tip...

Some difficult to root plants may require their cuttings to be soaked for extended time periods. Hardwood cuttings and half ripe cuttings may be left to uptake solution for serveral hours or upto 12 hours. This seems to work well with some shrubs and trees.

K-IBA Can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops. Products are safe to eat, crop and harvest after plant treatments at recommended concentrations.
Breaks down naturally as plants grow.

Used on a wide range of food crops worldwide in fields and glasshouses
Widespread use in horticulture worldwide. Used to propagate cut flower crops such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemum



IBA-K superior rooting for hibiscus rosa-sinensis



Can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops.

For prolonged storage keep at 2-8 degC.

Low toxicity, safe to humans and animals. No phytotoxicity at standard application rates

Store in a cool dry dark place. We supply in a leak proof container and we suggest IBA-K is stored in the dark in a refrigerator at 2-8deg C. Foil cover the bottle if necessary to eliminate light. We suggest using IBA-K solution soon after mixing and preferably use within 6 months.


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