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The Orchid Experimental Station of the Archila Family was created in 1970 with the goal of rescuing, protecting and preserving the orchids of Guatemala.

After 50 years of work, the station now has approximately 35,000 orchids rescued from logged forests, along with 10,000 plants of other families, that is to say approximately 14% of the plant diversity of the country. A request link for funding of this important conservation project of world importance. Please support this Orchid Conservation in the time of Covid-19 pandemic. The work of Fredy Leonel Archilla Morales can be seen on facebook and in google.

Orchid Conservation in Guatemala

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triaboost microencapsulated spray

Triaboost Microencapsulated Spray NEW.....

TRIABOOST MICROENCAPSULATED SPRAY. The world's first microencapsulated triacontanol mixture available as a foliage spray.

A new and unique product now available. Introduced in 2014.

  • Triacontanol dissolved and microencapsulated
  • Triaboost mixture as a foliar feeding spray
  • Nanotechnology for quick plant uptake through the leaves and stomata.
  • Sticks well to plant leaves and then is directly absorbed through upper and lower leaf surfaces
  • Easy to use and mix. Fully dissolvable in your sprayer.
  • Safe to use on flowering plants, fruit and vegetables.
  • Grow better plants with the use of the plant growth regulator triacontanol.
  • A spectacular new product that will provide a new exiting way to grow plants

Our Triaboost triacontanol mixture has been dissolved and microencapsulated for easy use as Triaboost Micro. We have formulated our product into a form that is directly usable by a growing plant. This nanotechnology approach allows for a quick efficient uptake of plant growth regulators and nutrients directly through the leaves into the plant.

An exciting spectacular new product and world first!


For more information, see our link to TRIABOOST MICRO page


Triplantanol.com sells growth boosting fertiliser worldwide  Our products are suitable for a wide range of plants. We are UK based and products are only available direct from ourselves by mail order.

  • For mixing your own plant growth regulators and fertilisers.

  • Triacontanol powder
  • Gibberellic Acid powder
  • Triaboost (liquid triacontanol fertiliser additive)
  • Triacontanol Liquid solution 2000ppm NEW FOR 2015
  • IBA-K water soluble rooting hormone NEW FOR 2015
IBA-K water soluble IBA. 5 gms
Triacontanol Liquid solution 2000ppmNEWFOR 2015


Lycaste Triaboost fed


Lycaste Nathalie Cely, grown under UK glasshouse conditions with the application of regular feed and TRIABOOST. This orchid plant seedling has only three pseudobulbs and it is the second time if has flowered. The latest bulb has grown considerably in 2017/2018, resulting in a flowering show of 9 large flowers.

GIANT SLIPPER ORCHID FED ON TRIABOOST fertiliser additive. Orchid growers need to look at this page to see what they can achieve with our products. Of special interest to Paphiopedilum and Lycaste growers.

The clickable image link also takes you to our award publicity page.

Giant slipper orchid fed on Triaboost

for more information see our link to Triaboost fertiliser additive



Paphiopedilum without plant growth regulatorsPaphiopedilum with GA3 and Triaboost

Giant Plants - Giant leaves- Super tall flowers and paired flowering! Flowers height increases by over two and half times after use of Gibberellic Acid and Triaboost treatment.

The Paphiopedilum hybrid orchid was treated to stimulate basal shooting with 4 waterings of Gibberellic Acid and then just with Triaboost for every watering for the growing season. Followed by seasonal flower bud initiation.

2015 Paphiopedilum hybrid flowers 30 cms height as illustrated.

2016 The same plant produced multiple growth, these flowered to over twice the height. Increasing at 78cms for the tallest.

Two of the flower stems produced paired flowers. Note the developing paired flower shoot showing on the flower on the right. There is also another flowering bud developing from a front growth giving a total of x4 flowering stems. The plant has grown considerably over the growing season. The plant has 'carryover' and continues to grow with vigour.

In over 40 years growing Paphiopedilums from commercial nurseries to hobbyist I have never seen such a dramatic effect of plant growth regulators.

An illustration of how with the use of Gibberellic Acid and Triaboost plant growers can grow larger, bigger and more exciting plants. Combinations of plant growth regulators can produce remarkable results in orchids and non-orchids.

Gibberellic Acid and Triaboost (exclusive to our company) are available from this site and from our eBay sales worldwide.



Bougainvillea Rasberry Ice fed with triacontanol mix

for more information see our link to Bougainvillea page

Now you can flower Bougainvillea plants in a cold climate or even better where it is warm and sunny. Flower Bougainvillea in UK.

Triaboost treatments make plants produce better growth and initiate flower buds.

Latest scientific research in 2013 reveals the benefits of triacontanol treatments on flower production.

University Research supports our results.

Flower your plants like commercial growers! Easy to follow guide.




Hibiscus rosa sinensis with leaves 20 cms wide!

Hibiscus giant leavesHibibiscus Jayella produces a giant plant and giant leaves

The clickable image link takes you to a larger image on our Bigger Plants Page

For many it is all about the plants and the leaves. It is very easy to produce giant plants and leaves with Triplantanol products. Bigger better plants often produce bigger and more spectacular flowers. Each plant type needs to have the correct fertiliser and growth regulators tailored to its growth habit. Our products are very concentrated or are high quality pure chemicals, so take care not to over do the effects!




Echinopsis cassandra, with 14 flowers open. This famous hybrid with 11cms blooms was fed with TRIABOOST added to liquid fertiliser. It had flowered earlier and there were more buds to follow for the flowering season.


Echinopsis Cassandra.

It is quite remarkable to get so many flowers out at one time from this hybrid. This plant was grown in Malta by the plant expert Ray F-S. 2014. Photo shown and published with his kind permission.



Our products are based around the plant growth stimulant triacontanol in combination with a range of other plant growth regulators and fertilisers for optimizing growth.


All our additives are completely natural and safe to use on food crops. They can be used on fruit, vegetables and leaf crops with no known dangers. Safe to use at recommended concentrations. The chemicals Triacontanol and Gibberellic Acid are naturally found in plants and break down during normal plant growth. Food production around the world widely uses the same chemicals we produce and sell.


Triacontanol is also known as a photosynthesis enhancer and with increased photosynthesis your plants grow quicker, bigger and better for your given environmental conditions. It is also known to stimulate the formation of flowers and flowering shoots.


Exploration of our web site will give you an insight into how with Triplantanol you can achieve plant growth that is greater than any achievable by fertilizer alone.


We want you to grow better plants and are enthusiastic about how you can achieve that goal. This is an information-rich web site providing original photos, descriptions and comments to help you grow better plants.

Triplantanol boosts the growth of leaves, roots and promotes flower formation in a wide range of plants. 

Achieve better flower shape.....see the photographic evidence. Of special interest to all flower exhibitors or when growing for awards!  Free award publicity.

To keep up to date always check out our web feed buttons or add them to your reader. Read our XML feed button for latest info. See scientific proof on the effect of triacontanol at a cellular or in-vitro level.

Triacontanol is one of the main ingredients of Triplantanol and has repeatedly been proved to be able to stimulate plant growth in the laboratory and in the field. We have proved it in our own in-vitro laboratory at TQPL.

NEW......TGROWBAGS a new way to feed plants


To grow your plants better than ever before you need to use Tgrowbags, providing triacontanol nutrition for all your houseplants. Quick and easy to use.

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Giant slipper orchid fed on Triaboost giant leaves hibiscus large leaves