Clivia miniata hybrid with over 12 flower heads

Clivia miniata mass flowering

There is strong evidence that the application of Triplantanol powder can lead to increased flowering in a wide range of plants.


Flowering improvement can range from greater flower numbers to larger flower size. Improvements in flower colours is subjective but we believe that there is some benefit in some brightly coloured flowers, especially those within the red and orange spectrum.

For plants that produce buds at the terminal apex of a shoot increased branching can lead to more abundant flower production.

  • Normal application of Triplantanol at the beginning of a flower season and throughout can be beneficial in extending flowering

  • For flowering plants that are seasonally dormant, application should be made just before vegetative growth starts in the Spring.

  • Late season application before winter can be beneficial to the new growth and shoots that emerge next season.

  • For plants that continuously grow and produce flower buds we suggest adopting a standard 6 week cycle of boosted growth feeding. See Detailed Guide section.

Flowering in plants requires a good feeding regime as many plants will reduce the vegetative growth when producing flowers. This is perfectly normal but to allow your plants to perform to their best and replenish nutrient resources after flowering it is often essential to continue to feed your plants. To ensure the best results we suggest continuing your normal feeding regime and supplement this with the application of Triplantanol powder.

It has also been found that some plants reduce the growth and production of roots during flowering. As Triplantanol is known to boost root growth it is likely that applications will be beneficial to the overall growth of your plants during such times of growth stress.

Mimosa dealbata can be shy to flower without feeding

Mimosa dealbata mass flowering after being fed Triplantanol.

Seedling Mimosa are often shy on flowering, here this tree refused to flower for many years until fed with Triplantanol the previous summer.