First marketed in 2010, Triplantanol Orchid is the only triacontanol based food specific for orchids on the market, worldwide.

Paphiopedilum King Arthur fed on Triplantanol and flowing exceptionally well

Paphiopedilum King Arthur grown using Triplantanol Orchid showing how you can achieve 11 flowers on one plant.

Triplantanol Orchid available in 100gms tubs. N.P.K. 17-3-9 Approx

Triplantanol Orchid is specially developed for feeding tropical pot plant orchids. These are the most widely available plants in the houseplant market in temperate countries.

For non-orchids and other houseplants use Triplantanol Standard mix.

Feed your orchid plant for just 10p for 6 weeks. A single feed will last 6 weeks.

Apply 1gm (1/2 teaspoon) / 12 cms (500ml vol) pot.

Triplantanol Orchid continues working over many weeks.

This contrasts with liquid feed that flows out of the pot and down the drain!

Triplantanol Orchid can be used to feed Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilums, Odontoglossums, Oncidiums, 'intergenrics' Zygopetalums, Cymbidiums and many others. We would urge some caution in feeding some small tropical epiphyte orchids as they are sometimes particularly sensitive to salts with their fine root system. Always proceed with caution with these genera and be sure not to over feed your plants.

Triplantanol Orchid is a concentrated feed and provides food for your plants throughout the year.It is best used when your plants are growing actively.

This slow release mix can be used with normal liquid feeding at half strength to improve growth and regulate plant growth according to need.

We have grown orchids for over 35 years and we realise that conventional feeding alone will not always achieve the best results. The use of Triplantanol Orchid combined with good growing techniques and balanced feeding can produce outstanding results.

We know of no other way to achieve the growth we have seen on orchid plants fed with Triplantanol.

Some have even commented that the plants look as though they have been 'fed on steroids'!

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Here a Triplantanol Orchid fed Cymbidum plant produces over 200 flowers on 21 flower stems....Mass flowering orchids!

Cymbidium fed with Triplantanol Orchid produced over 200 flowers Phalaenopsis the moth orchid flowers magnificently with Triplantntanol Orchid feed


See the magnificent specimen Paph one of our customers has grown.

Paph.philippinense wins an award

Paphiopedilum. philippinense var. laevigatum fed on Triaboost Awarded

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