Tomato grows well with Triplantanol Organic

Growing organically with Triplantanol Organic available in 500gms tubs.

N.P.K. 10-3-6 Approx.

Triplantanol Organic is especially developed for feeding plants organically. It is long lasting and will feed your plants over an extended time.


Triplantanol Organic is 100 % organic and suitable for use on organic holdings as per Soil Association requirements, It is made from 100% organic poultry manure and 100% alfalfa raised naturally and from organic sources.

The alfalfa is grown naturally and no genetically modified varieties are used.

The alfalfa is subject to a trace ability and testing system to detect any GM material

It is a rich source of iron, vitamins and other micro-nutrients.

The organic nutrients are long lasting and Triplantanol Organic is a rich organic plant food. Suitable to feed flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables and fruit. Can be used on allotments and vegetable plots. Suitable for protected vegetable cropping in greenhouses.

A single feed will last 4-8 weeks. For quick growing plants or large plants, repeat feeding after 4 weeks can be adopted. Monitor your plants for growth but do not overfeed. Triplantanol Organic is a concentrated fertiliser.

Plant feeding. Apply 25.gms per square meter of plant growth (aerial spread) Take care not to allow Triplantanol Organic direct contact with plant stems or leaves.

Soil preparation. Apply 20gms per square meter of soil in bed preparation. Apply before planting or sowing and fork into the surface of the soil.

Container plants. Apply 5gms per litre of potting compost.

Can be used along with your usual feeding regimes.

For more information and help see section Grow Organic

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