Wisteria responds particularly well to Triplantanol feeding

Wisteria floribunda Alba

Using Triplantanol outdoors and around the garden

Triplantanol powder can be used extensively in the outdoors environment to help boost  plant growth and the production of flowers around the garden.

There are many plants that benefit from such growth boosting. Perhaps one of the best plants we have found to benefit from Triplantanol is mature flowering Wisteria. We suggest feeding at standard rate from mid summer through to the autumn. Followed by an additional feed at leaf fall for the initiation of buds during the winter months. With Wisteria it is important to grow grafted named varieties, shorten back summer growth in August and spur prune to flowering buds in the winter.

The production of multiple shoots, bud breaks and initiation of flowering shoots has many ornamental uses.

For how to use and apply see Rate of Use

The organic nature of Triplantanol means it is well suited for use in the vegetable garden and allotment. We recommend it be used as a supplement for the whole range of edible vegetables.

Triplantanol can increase the yield of vegetable production especially where leaf vegetables are being cropped.


Triplantanol can be used for the production of seasonal Soft Fruits and Orchard production in the vegetable garden or the allotment. For organic gardeners we suggest using Triplantanol Organic