Triplantanol Standard.


This is the only specialist feed with triacontanol available to gardeners in the UK.

Triplantanol Standard is the basic plant boost and feeding mix offered. NPK 17-3-6 Approx.

Triplantanol products work in a variety of way, so simply judging or comparing the NPK ratio does not indicate the full performance of this product. It is more than a simple fertiliser, so ratio comparisons it not the best way to evaluate this or any other products in the Triplantanol range.


It is suitable for a whole range of plant for stimulating better growth and better flowering for those plants grown for their flowers. . It works by supplying a good nutrient source rich in nitrogen along with the plant growth regulator triacontanol. In combination with the nutrients, vitamins other growth regulators found in Triplantanol. With good cultivation, it can lead to spectacular growth rates with your plants.

We encourage anyone keen on growing better plants to try Triplantanol Standard as a way to improve growth and improve plant performance.

Customers are encouraged to keep a digital record of the results as this is a great way to see how good this product is. We are always keen to hear from our customers.

Wishing you good growing.