Dierama the Angles fishing rod flowers profusely with triplantanol feed

Dierama pulcherrimum

Rate of use for Triplantanol Standard.


Triplantanol powder can be used as either a stand alone product or it can be used in combination with other fertilizers. Such an approach is useful if plants are large or considered to be heavy feeders.

Its mode of actions means it can be used with either inorganic or organic feeds. Simply supplement your regular feeding program with this additional growth boosting feed.

  • standard application for outdoor plants is 25.gms per square meter of plant growth (aerial spread)

  • standard application for indoor plants or container plants is 5.gms per litre of potting compost.

For orchids use Triplantanol Orchid on the Orchid menu

For pots or containers the powder should be spread across the pot surface and worked into the top 1.inch of compost. Taking care to avoid any surface root damage. Avoid contact with the main growing stem.


For plants growing in soil the powder should also be worked into the surface soil layer avoiding surface roots. Spread it liberally so it does not heap around the major growing stems or trunks emerging from the soil.

Care should be taken not to allow the product to crust on the surface as this will affect the release of the range of nutrients in the product.

Triplantanol powder is rich in sugars, nitrogen and other organic molecules attractive to saprophytic fungi. Under humid conditions this can lead to short term colonisation by moulds. This is perfectly normal and contributes to the release of nutrients. Although unattractive visually these are not plant pathogenic and can be ignored. This phase usually passes within 5-10 day. It can be reduced by ensuring even mixing with soils and breaking up any crusts that form.

Triplantanol powder is a concentrated growth boosting food and increasing application above that suggested should be approached with caution.

  • More does not mean greater growth, indeed it simply wastes the product.

  • The best time to apply Triplantanol powder is when plants are growing actively.

  • Some seasonally dormant plants can benefit from pre-dormancy application at the end of the season or prior to the start of new growth

  • 6 week growth boosting cycles are recommended for most plants. After this time an assessment should be made as to whether additional feeding is required

  • With many plants a single application is sufficient as there is long term release of nutrients over many extended weeks.