Hosta June responds very well to tricontanol feeds

Hosta June growing very well with Triplantanol standard feed.

Triplantanol standard has been for sale since 2006 . Here you can see a plant of Hosta June which shows the typical excellent growth that can be achieved. Hostas respond well to triacontanol feeds and this is what Triplantanol is based on, but importantly the combination with other products ensures high quality plant growth.

Triplantanol Standard is available in 500gms tubs. Triplantanol standard contains the product triacontanol and is formulated to feed a wide range of plants. It is combined with fertiliser and other products to ensure good plant growth. It is the only combination fertiliser with triacontanol for the gardener in the UK.

NPK 17-3-6 Approx.

Triplantanol standard is especially developed for boosting the growth of plants and to feed them over an extended period of time. You can achieve results that are not possible from conventional feeding. By adding a range of new nutrients to your feeding regime your plants have access to stimulants they would not normally receive from conventional fertiliser


Use as a general feed on the whole range of plants you would grow in the garden. Customers in the tropics, sub-tropics and mediterranean climates have also reported enthusiastic results from using Triplantanol.

Although natural and safe to use on vegetable and fruit production, as there are no harmful ingredients, there are some customers who may want to adopt an organic approach for these crops. We suggest using Triplantanol Organic

Rate of use 5 gms / 1.litre of compost. Our standard pack is enough to treat 100x 1.litre pots

For plants planted in the ground use at rate of 25 gms/1 square meter of plant

As a general guidance we suggest feeding for 6 weeks of growth boosting followed by a repeat if required.

Can be used along with your usual feeding regimes.

Feeding is as simple as measuring out the required volume and sprinkling on the surface of the potting mix or soil. Then break up the surface of the lightly and mix the Triplantanol into the surface layers.

Avoid damaging surface roots as much as possible. It your plants are pot grown and there are a lot of surface roots, consider either repotting into a larger pot and then adding Triplantanol to the new mix, on the surface. Alternatively Triplantanol can be added to some top dressing potting mix and sprinkled on the surface layers.

Triplantanol should be sprinkled away from the main stems of plants to avoid any fertiliser damage. Spread evenly to allow good mixing with potting mix or soil. This prevents 'caking' of the mix. When watered, the mix will expand and this is completely normal. The fresh organic odour will disappear over a short time.

Applying Triplantanol to the top layers allows the nutrients to be carried down into the compost and root zone, with each application of water.

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For more information and help see section Basic Guide

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