TRIABOOST an additive for your favourite liquid fertiliser or hydro nutrients.



TRIABOOST is triacontanol mixed and dissolved for adding to bottles of liquid plant food to feed your plants the whole season long. A fertiliser additive with growth boosting triacontanol. Add additional triacontanol to standard Hydro Fertiliser Brands to improve crops and yields. Boost your growth with Triaboost!

This is a completely new concept in plant feeding, well suited to the home gardener and hobbyist. Suited for anyone who uses liquid plant fertilizers worldwide and easy to integrate with hydroponic growing.

This is a new plant feeding idea brought to you by Triplantanol. It is the only pre-mixed triacontanol additive for use with off the shelf liquid plant feed. It is completely dissolved and 100% usable by your plants. Has additional micro nutrients to help plant growth.

Triacontanol chemical is completely dissolved into a smooth emulsion. No flakes, and no particles. No need to worry about the dissolving difficulties of the chemical triacontanol

Your favourite liquid plant food + Triaboost made it suddenly become an even better plant food with growth boosting chemicals. Improve your Hydro fertiliser easily as Triaboost is based on popular resevoir volumes.

Can be used with liquid flower and fruit boosting fertilisers with high K ratios.

Can be used with ordinary liquid plant fertilisers with balanced NPK ratios

Can be used with growth boosting liquid plant fertilisers with high N ratios.

Can be used with standard Hydroponic Fertiliser brands in your resevoir.



Now you can make your favourite liquid plant food even better with the addition of the growth boosting plant growth regulator triacontanol. It is as simple as pouring the sachet of Triaboost into the concentrated liquid feed and shaking the contents. Then use your feed as per normal. It is suggested you shake the bottle of feed every time before you dispense your liquid feed and then dilute as per normal in the watering can. For hydroponic feeding add a sachet of Triaboost to your bottle of feed or direct to your resevoir to make a 250 litre tank. Infomation latels on the sachets.


For soil or foliage feeding

x1 sachet (10ml) Triaboost / standard bottle of fertiliser to make 180-270 litres of liquid feed. Feed your plant as per standard feeding regime at usual bottle dilutions. For foliage feeding remember the standard approach of only foliage feed at 1/2 strength fertiliser. Standard fertiliser strength can sometimes he too strong for the plant leaves!

Irrigation tank or feeding tank.

Can also be used at rate of 1ml Triaboost / 25 litres of irrigation water or feeding tank. It is important to adopt a feeding regime when using Triaboost to balance and achieve increased growth and yields. Use at feeding frequency.

For hydroponic tanks.

x1 sachet (10ml) Triaboost / 250 litres resevoir + your Hydroponic feed.

1ml Triaboost / 25 litres dilution. or 10ml Triaboost / 250 litres.

Triaboost is supplied as x1 10ml sachet. A mixture of fully dissolved triacontanol and micro nutrients. None of these products will register on a conductivity meter. So feed at your standard conductivity or fertiliser dilutions.

Many leading Hydroponic Nutrients are made up to 250 litres. A 10ml Triaboost sachet matches this volume. Safely mixes and will not cause any sedimentation, Will not form 'gypsum' and mixes safely with fertilisers that contain soluble Silicon.

Many of our customers report noticeable increased growth and yields from their plants from simply adding Triaboost into their growing regime.


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You can use your new liquid feed + Triaboost for all your regular plant feeding. It is completely safe to use with vegetable crops. It can be used with standard liquid feed or with flower promoting / tomato feeds.

The combination of Triaboost and liquid fertiliser is quite remarkable. We think you will amazed at the effect of feeding your plants with this combination of plant food and triacontanol.

Made with 90% Pure triacontanol and other plant micronutrients, supplied as a solution mix / unit tube. Fully dissolved into a smooth emulsion. It works better than a simple triacontanol solution.

triaboost 10ml sachet used with fertiliser

A liquid plant fertiliser additive containing triacontanol and other plants micronutrients to improve your plant feeding. Supplied in leak proof sachet. 10ml. Triaboost.


Suitable for use with any plant liquid feed that makes 180-270 litres of liquid feed. Suitable for use with Hydro Feed resevoir that makes 250 litres tank of nutrients.

For commercial reasons we do not declare the concentration of triacontanol or other plant micro nutrients per sachet. It is safe to use with food crops.


Does NOT contain any plant dwarfing chemicals. The increased growth and size of plants reflect this. Triaboost works by increasing growth and photosynthesis and this can be clearly seen.

If you wish to apply triacontanol at exact ppm, I would suggest you purchase triacontanol powder and dilute it according to your needs. We find some customers prefer this approach and we supply triacontanol chemical

Liquid plant food from many major manufactures is marketed at 1 litre bottles. The usual dilutions make from 180-270 litres of mix.

USA Customers can use liquid plant food as 32 US fluid ounces bottles (equivalent to 1 litre) The dilutions make  47-71 US gallons (180-270 litres ) of mix.

An online litres to US fluid ounces or US Gallons makes the calculations easy

Triaboost can be used with any of the following standard fertiliser products.

  • Levington Tomorite (The most popular liquid tomato fertiliser in UK)
  • Westlands Tomato Food
  • Miracle-Grow All Purpose Liquid Plant Food. Available worldwide including USA.
  • Doff Tomato Feed (500ml which makes 233litres feed)
  • Vitax Tomato Feed
  • Vitax Liquid Growmore
triaboos 10 ml used with Miracle-Gro fertiliser

Alternatively Triaboost 10ml can be used directly in a water resevoir or water tank for watering your plants. Especailly suitable for greenhouse plants.

Dilution is very simple. Each unit of Triaboost is 10ml. This is diluted at 1ml into 25 litres of water. This means 10ml can be fully diluted into 250 litres of water.

Illustrated below is a 25 litre container of water. 10 ml will dilute into x10 of these water containers.

Can be used with RO (Reverse Osmosis) water, rain water, well water or good quality tap water. It is suggested this water boosted with the "triacontanol + micro-nutrients" found in Triaboost should be used at plant feeding frequencies.

Triaboost can be safely mixed into water resevoirs containing nutrients and Hydro systems

triaboost 10ml tube for adding to water resevoir

Purchase Buy Triaboost from top navigating links at top of page 'Buy Triaboost' with payment at the secure PayPal site. (You can purchase at PayPal with a credit or payment card. You do not need a PayPal account).

Supplied. Sent in leak proof sachets, it is guaranteed not to leak in transport. We supply to UK and worldwide using ordinary post or air mail postal services.

Storage of the Triaboost liquid sachet should be at 2-5 degC. Mix with liquid fertiliser within 30 days. We suggest using the fertiliser + Triaboost within one growing season. Store the mixture in a cool place between waterings.

How to use. Simply add to your favourite premixed liquid plant food and you are ready to dispense the liquid plant food mixture. No need for worrying about dilutions or solvents. For hydroponic growers simply add it to your nutrient resevoir as above.

If you wish to be adventurous and mix up your own liquid pant food in large volume, do this from dry fertiliser ingredients. Aim to make a fully diluted concentrate to feed 180-270 litres of liquid feed.

On this basis, you can duplicate the addition of Triaboost as above to improve your liquid plant mix.

Triaboost can also be used to add to mixing tanks and high volume reservoirs on the dilution basis as above.

Can be used in Hydroponic systems based on 250 litre resevoirs. Please note the solvent and wetter used in Triaboost may cause some foaming. This is normal.

If you wish to discuss such dilutions please do not hesitate to contact us and we can help make the right decisions about dilutions.

Always feed within the parameter of correct conductivity levels according to your plant type.

Can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops.

Triaboost contains triacontanol and a number of other products. All are completely safe to use with food crops. It only contains natural products that break down during plant growth.

Can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops. Products are safe to eat, crop and harvest after plant treatments at recommended concentrations.
Natural organic product.

Breaks down naturally as plants grow. Triacontanol plant growth regulator can be found naturally in a range of plants.

Triacontanol is found in alfalfa sugar cane and tea leaves. Triacontanol is even found in bees wax!


See the magnificent specimen Paph one of our customers has grown.

Paph philippinense with over 40 growths is awarded  at Harrogate show.


Paphiopedilum. philippinense var. laevigatum fed on Triaboost Awarded

Follow this direct link to Award Publicity Page to see this information

Free Award Publicity for customers who use our products


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