Our famous Triaboost now in micro spray form. The world's first microencapsulated triacontanol mixture available as a foliage spray.


A new and unique product now available 2014.

Triaboost Micro Spray (TMS) is a world first in plant growth regulator delivery.

An exciting and spectacular product to help you grow better plants.

We are the only company in the world to supply completely dissolved triacontanol in a microencapsulated form. In this form it can be readily taken up by plants directly through their leaves to improve their growth. Perfect for triacontanol foliar feeding or foliar spraying.

Our famous Triaboost (triacontanol mix and some other micronutrients) has been microencapsulated for better and quicker plant uptake as a foliar feed.

For scientific published evidence on foliage feeding and triacontanol ...see below

"The evidence is overwhelming that triacontanol applied at nanomolar concentrations improves the plant growth and physiological activities in a diverse groups of plants."

Triaboost is suspended in a stable solution so it can be easily sprayed onto plants as a foliage feed. Supplied as a concentrate it can be accurately diluted by you to make a potent foliage spray.

Triaboost microencapsulated spray

Triaboost Micro Spray, 5ml tube along with a 1ml measuring pipette. Supplied in leakproof packaging and send worldwide.

Dilutions Use at 1ml / 5 litres of water or 5ml / 25 litres of foliage spray.

USA Customers 1ml /1.32 US Gallons or 5ml / 6.60 US Gallons of foliage spray

  • Triacontanol dissolved and microencapsulated

  • Triaboost mixture as a foliar spray

  • Concentrated 5ml tube makes 25 litres Triaboost micro spray

  • Nanotechnology for quick plant uptake through the leaves and stomata

  • Sticks well to plant leaves and then is directly absorbed through upper and lower leaf surfaces

  • Easy to use and mix. Fully dissolvable in your sprayer.

  • Safe to use on flowering plants, fruit and vegetables.

  • Grow better plants with the use of the plant growth regulator triacontanol

Our Triaboost triacontanol mixture has been dissolved and microencapsulated for easy use. Triaboost Micro Spray is processed into a form that is directly usable by a growing plant. This nanotechnology approach allows for good efficient uptakes of plant growth regulators and nutrients through the leaves. Entry of the chemical is through the leaf surface and through the stomata and happens very quickly. It is a powerful new way of foliar spraying the PGR triacontanol

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How to mix up your spray. The 5ml tube of TMS is sent out in leakproof packaging. Along with your concentrate, we enclose an accurate 1ml measuring pipette. Ensure the lid it tightly on the tube and shake well. Use the pipette to suck up 1ml of TMS (1ml level is marked at the top of the pipette tube and is below the resevoir bulb) If you are unsure how to use a pipette, perhaps first practice with water! Add 1ml to 5 litres of water in a pressure hand sprayer. Shake the sprayer resevoir to distribute the TMS. The solution will mix very readily, but it might be wise to shake the sprayer before use each time you use it.

Rate of use. TMS can be used at the above dilutions of 1ml / 5 litres for all plants. The product has been formulated as a foliage spray. It will not work as a soil drench. Foliage spraying can be as often as required as per normal foliage feeding regimes. It is generally recommended to spray your plant 3-5 times and then observe your plants to see the effect of the spraying.

Some enthusiastic growers will want to spray their plants repeatedly with Triaboost Micro Spray. At present I can see no reasons why this will cause a problem.

TMS can also be mixed into a a standard foliage feeding regime. Either spraying alternately or directly mixing up the TMS into a sprayer with a specific foliage nutrient spraying program, according to the fertiliser balance required.

Foliage spraying should only be carried out when plants are in an active growing environment. Care should be taken over leaves remaining wet as temperatures drop. Many plants are sensitive to the dangers or fungal or bacterial pathogens when wet under sub optimal growing conditions. Aim to only spray when plants will naturally dry within a few hours. Avoid spraying in strong sunlight.

Spray TMS to ensure leaf coverage to drip down. Spraying both surfaces of the leaves may have additional benefits as the solution can enter through stomata which are in higher concentrations on the lower surface of many leaves.

Grow, Feed and Spray approach. This approach is probably the best way to use TMS. Simply grow your plants, feed them with a fertiliser through the root system and then spray them with a plant growth regulator such as Triaboost Micro. When your plants are growing, they will need feeding. After they have been fed, you can then give them a good boost by the application of a TMS foliage spray.

This can effectively be used on seedling plants that have become established and are starting to grow. It is probably one of the best ways to cultivate seedlings, cuttings and young growing plants.

Foliage feeding works and the uptake of nutrients can be x10 better through the leaves than through the root system. As plants are already adapted to take up nutrients, especially micro nutrients through their foliage, it is therefore an ideal route for plant growth regulator uptake. The fully dissolved TMS has the perfect carrier in its micro encapsulation to make this possible.

Restrictions. It is not recommended to spray recently germinated plants. It is much better to wait until your seedling plants have developed a good root system before adopting a spraying program.

Avoid using TMS on insectivorous plants. Do not use on plants with attractive white or blue foliage blooms such as some Echeverias or any other plants that are likely to mark the foliage from foliage feeding.

Do not spray open flowers. Most flowers will mark when wet and damp flowers can suffer from spotting due to fungal attack.

Rates of use can be determined on a crop or plant basis by what you find works best for your plants in your growing set up.

Storage. The tube of TMS should be stored in a refrigerator at around 5degC. It is recommended to use within 60 days. However the chemicals will theoretically remain stable over time. Shake each time you are going to use the concentrate. Do not freeze the TMS because this will affect the ability of the product to be taken up by the plants. After the concentrate has been diluted it is wise to store the sprayer at room temperature and use within a few weeks.

Science. The chemicals of triacontanol and other micronutrients have been micro encapsulated in our TMS, Each microcapsule of plant growth regulator has a core of triacontanol. This means it can be readily absorbed directly through the leaf surface. It will pass through all leaf surfaces via the transcuticular pores and also enter via any stomata. TMS is fully dissolved and the nanotechnology structure of the solution allows better passage through the leaf epidermis and palisade layers into the leaf mesophyll to be translocated around the plant.

The chemical triacontanol is known to be a photosyntheses enhancer and this mode of action is related to the photosynthetic chloroplasts. Increase chloroplast production may be under the control of plant hormones and enzyme pathways. It is not known if the plant growth regulator triacontanol in physical close proximity to these chloroplasts, will act directly, or the mode of action will be under control of the physiological response mechanisms of the plant.

For scientific published evidence on foliage feeding and triacontanol ...see below

Triacontanol: a potent plant growth regulator in agriculture
M. Naeem*, M. Masroor A. Khan and Moinuddin
Department of Botany, Plant Physiology Section, Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh 202 002, Uttar Pradesh, India

Journal of Plant Interactions
Vol. 7, No. 2, June 2012, 129-142

See published link to above scientific publication The paper can be viewed for free. Please spend some time reading the paper and reviewing the evidence.


"The evidence is overwhelming that triacontanol applied at nanomolar concentrations improves the plant growth
and physiological activities in a diverse groups of
plants. Foliar application of triacontanol has been proved
to be a successful technique to improve the growth,
yield, and quality of various crops, including vegetables,
horticultural crops, and medicinal and aromatic plants."

It is quite clear from the above research that triacontanol is a very potent plant growth regulator. Their trials to show the effectiveness at nano concentrations gives support to how effective triacontanol can be, even at much lower concentrations than we suggest. The importance of foliar application is highlighted as an effective carrier mechanism.

The above paper gives support to what we have known here at Triplantanol for many years going back to our in-vitro work 20 years ago at TQPL

Our Triaboost products use higher concentrations and the Triaboost Microencapsulated Spray provides a new nanotechnology method for ensuring triacontanol is taken up by your plants.

Other Products

It is well known that triacontanol is very effective as a foliage spray. In response to our customers, we have come up with a a range of products that helps plants grow better.

  • Our tubes of Triaboost are normally mixed with fertiliser and can be used to produce a large volume of substrate or foliage feed.
  • Our sachets of Triaboost Spray provide sachets of easy to use foliage feed without the need for the addition of fertiliser