TRIABOOST SPRAY is a triacontanol foliage spray. ***New idea***


Triacontanol Spray comes as sachets of dissolved triacontanol and other micronutrients to make a foliage spray. Simply add to water and you have a ready to use plant spray that will boost your plants. This powerful plant growth regulator (PGR) can improve how your plants grow.

  • We listened to what our customers wanted and have come up with a product that is easy to use and can provide an instant foliage spray of triacontanol.
  • Triaboost Spray is another new idea for maximise how your plants grow


Conveniently dissolved for instant application.



Triaboost Spray contains triacontanol and a number of other products specially selected to give vigorous growth in foliage or flowering plants The ingredients are all organic and completely safe to use with food crops. It only contains natural products that break down during plant growth. It is a very effective PGR spray.

Purchase. Buy Triaboost Spray pack x 5 sachets to make 25 litres (6.60US Gallons)x1Triaboost Spray sachet + 5 litres (1.32 US Gallons) water

Easy to use with a 5 litres pressure sprayer.

Purchase Buy Triaboost Spray from top navigating links at top of page 'Buy Triaboost' with payment at the secure Pay Pal site. (You can purchase at Pay Pal with a credit or payment card. You do not need a Pay Pal account).

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Can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops.

Food products are safe to eat, crop and harvest after plant treatments at recommended concentrations.
Natural organic product. Can be used in the greenhouse, allotment or vegetable garden.

Triaboost Spray for a 5 litre pressure sprayer

Triaboost Spray x 5 sachets. (The pressure sprayer is not included with the sachets!)



For commercial reasons we do not declare the concentration of triacontanol or other plant micronutrients per sachet of spray.

If you wish to apply triacontanol at exact ppm, I would suggest you purchase triacontanol powder and dilute it according to your needs.

Supplied. Sent as x5 sachets of Triaboost Spray sealed in heavy grade polythene. It is guaranteed not to leak in transport. We supply to UK and worldwide using ordinary post or air mail postal services.

Storage of the Triaboost Spray sachets should be stored in a refrigerator at 2-5 degC before use. It is normal for contents to partly separate over time. Shake sachets well to re-mix before mixing with water. Store at 5degC for up to 6 months.

How to use Mix up your Triaboost sachet (x1) with 5 litres of good quality water. Ensure all the sachet contents are used. Shake your 5 litres of water + Triaboost spray. Every time you spray you plants, re-shake your spray reservoir to ensure thorough mixing. Add to 5 litres of water and shake well before spraying

USA Customers Triaboost Spray pack x 5 sachets to make 25 litres (6.60US Gallons) x1Triaboost Spray sachet + 5 litres (1.32 US Gallons) water.

Triaboost Spray was developed because many of our customers want to apply triacontanol to their plants in a quick and easy way. Foliage applications of triacontanol are particularly effective and quick acting. Use as a foliar spray to drip down.

Triacontanol is a natural plant growth regulator that can enhance or regulate plant growth. It can control plant growth in many ways that are important to horticulture and agriculture and that means it is of interest to anyone enthusiastically growing plants.

Not all plants will respond the same way as plants are infinitely variable and all respond to a complex of growth and environmental conditions.

Triacontanol (plant growth regulator) mode of action is wide and varied and general observations are listed below.

  • Triacontanol is a known photosynthesis enhancer and this means plants will grow quicker or bigger or more vigorously.
  • It also means that it can improve plants that are growing in conditions that are not optimal.
  • Known to increase plant metabolism and associated growth processes leading to faster growth.
  • Often increases root system.
  • Produces many basal breaks especially in rosette plants
  • Increases branching and internodal shoot development.
  • Can increase flower production in a range of crops and flowering plants.
  • Can alter the flower shape of blooms making them more round with better substance
  • Can alter the shape of leaves, which is especially noticeable on complex leaf forms.
  • Increase plant yield.
  • Frequently produces robust sturdy plants.
  • Often makes plants produce thicker leaves probably as a result of more chloroplasts and increased cell growth.

The combination of fertiliser and triacontanol is important. Best results always seem to be achieved when the feeding regime is providing good nutrients for plant growth. Balanced feeding is required to allow increased growth and enhanced photosyntheses levels. Do ensure your plants are not suffering from a lack of nutrients. Always feed within the parameter of the correct fertiliser strength or the correct conductivity levels if using a meter. Take care not to burn your roots with too much fertiliser.

To achieve good active growth it is always necessary to provide the correct growing environment according to plant type.

If your plants are not healthy or growing actively Triaboost Spray will not work. Sick, diseased or dying plants will rarely respond to Triaboost Spray so in such cases aim to improve your culture conditions and growing environment.

Triaboost Spray 5 sachets per pack for making a foliage spray

Triaboost Spray is sold as x5 sachets per pack.

How to spray 5 litres of Triaboost Spray

Mix a sachet of Triaboost Spray with 5 litres of good quality water in a pressure sprayer. Shake the contents to mix thoroughly

Always shake well before spraying. Store the unused Triaboost Spray in the sprayer in a cool place between use. Try to use within 30 days.

Spray plants healthy plants that are actively growing. Make sure the temperature of your Triaboost Spray mix is at the same temperature as your plants.. Do not chill your plants with cold sprays as this can lead to foliage damage.

Do not spray plants in strong sunshine. Avoid spraying plants when plants are subject to heat stress. For outdoor plants, spray when conditions are dry and there is no risk of rain for 2-3 hours. Spray to allow Triaboost Spray to remain in contact with foliage leaves for several hours. For many plants the best time to spray is early morning as temperatures are rising. Do not spray flower buds as damage can occur. Generally it is best to spray plants that do not have flower buds. Some flowering plants may abort their flower buds with the growth spurt Triaboost Spray can cause. Other plants are not affected.

Most actively growing plants can be sprayed every 3-5 days. It is suggested plants be monitored to see the effect of spraying with Triaboost Spray. Monitoring of additional spraying should be assessed according to the grower and the plants growth.

Look for effects such as increased thickness of the leaves. Increased basal branching and growth in axial buds. Some plants will show a deeper green colour which has been suggested is attributed to cell changes associated with chloroplasts and increased photosynthesis.

Repeat applications. Some growers find that a few selected application of triacontanol as a foliage spray will improve the quality of the plants they produce. This is also true for Triaboost Spray. Spray repeatedly as required. Monitor your plants and as a grower decide if you need to repeat.

Breaks down naturally as plants grow. Triacontanol plant growth regulator can be found naturally in a range of plants.

Triacontanol is found in alfalfa sugar cane and tea leaves. Triacontanol is even found in bees wax!


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