TRIABOOST SPRAY SALES for Worldwide customers


Triaboost spray sachets for sale  worldwide


TRIABOOST SPRAY is a triacontanol foliage spray.

Triaboost Spray comes as sachets of dissolved triacontanol and other micronutrients to make a foliage spray. SImply add to water in a 5 litre plant sprayer and you have a ready to use foliage spray that will boost your plants. This powerful plant growth regulator (PGR) combined with micronutrients can improve how your plants grow.

Conveniently dissolved for instant application.

Triaboost Spray pack x 5 sachets to make 25 litres (6.60US Gallons)

x1Triaboost Spray sachet + 5 litres (1.32 US Gallons) water

Easy to use with a 5 litres pressure sprayer.

Triaboost Spray sachets. pre-mixed solution for worldwide customers.



Triaboost Spray . Worldwide Customers. 17.00 GBP + 3.00 postage/packing

Total 20.00 GB Pounds

Supplied as x5 sachets of Triaboost Spray sealed in heavy grade polythene. Guaranteed not to leak in transport.

Sent out Air Mail Post Worldwide.

Price is all inclusive of postage / packing cost.. Information with order is enclosed