Copyright text stolen from

They liked what we said so much they decided to steal it !

Websites and individuals seem to like our detailed and informative text so much they steal it and then use it on their own websites to advertise their own products.

Such activity is totally illegal and criminal. It also is business suicide to rely on another third party or website to do the writing for you.

A company that relies on a design company that steals copy is not in full control of their image. The website copywriters will be fully aware what they do in breaking the law under the Berne Convention which applies worldwide.

If a company does not know the products it is selling why would anyone trust them. They set themselves up as experts, but clearly they are not.

I would urge any purchasers to strictly avoid these criminal companies. If you cannot trust what they write on their website how can you trust their products!

From our database and our original and unique text, it is very easy to see the stolen words.

We also rely on software scans of the www to reveal duplicate content

List of shame..........

Company website or newsgroup or individuals stealing our website content. Currently listed on the www.

Number of words stolen
S.Carson Agro Chemical company 444
T Hot Pepper Newsgroup 349
lilsnoopdg Ebay seller 338
Kisan agrovet Agricultural company 259
rollitup Newsgroup 207
Alibaba company group 171
Kr Kendra Chemical company 134
P.alchemy Growing group 137
Int Canna mmrangz Growing group 141
Weiku trade group Trade group 124 + 123
M.D Biocoals Pvt ltd India chem company 53
West Coast Group Bangalore India chem company 39
Tochance Chemical company 38
rollitup Newsgroup 444

There are more but we have not listed them....You have been warned!

We will be adding to this listings when we need to.

If anyone can add to this list please let us know as it will save us time and effort.

You help is much appreciated.

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