Old site of www.triplantanol.com re launched Feb 2010. Making use of CSS


Pages set up to explain how to use Triplantanol Orchid and Triplantanol Organic completing the trio of products with Triplantanol Standard (the original product).


All products can be ordered online.

Please be patient as we upload greater functionality and remove site bugs.

July 2010 Photo gallery added to index page, showing a range of images, please enjoy exploring them. It shows you what can be achieved with Triplantanol feeding regimes.

August 2010. Tgrowbags. Launch of website www.tgrowbags.com A new product providing triacontanol based nutrition in a convenient form for windowsill and houseplant growers. Website details to follow in coming weeks.

August 2011 We decided to supply chemicals that we have been using over many years with the sale of chemicals triacontanol and gibberellic acid.

Also intorduced a new product called Triaboost. A triacontanol mix in liquid form to simply add to liquid fertiliser. Suddenly making the customers liquid feed even better. Triaboost is simple to use and greatly improves liquid fertilisers.

May 2012. New mobile site uploaded. Built with jQuery mobile framework and HTML5, this new site can be viewed on mobile devices and phones. Optimised for this media. The site can be viewd on a PC, however the browser IE does not display jQuery mobile. Try another browser such as Firefox! Our site can be found on links from this site or at http://www.triplantanol.com/mobile/phonehome.html

February 2013 Release of our Product Triaboost Spray. Triaboost Spray consists of sachets of pre-mixed triacontanol and other micronutrients. Each sachet should be added to 5 litres of water in a pressure sprayer and then used as a foliage spay. The 5 sachets make a total of 25 litres of foliage spray.

We listened to what our customers wanted and have come up with an easy way to mix up Triaboost Spray. Lightweight and easy to send worldwide.

March 2013. Triaboost information was uploaded onto our Mobile site along with ordering through PayPal. Direct link to Triaboost Spray on our Mobile site

April 2014. Triaboost Micro Spray the worlds first microencapsulated triacontanol mixture avialable as a foliage spray. A new and unique product now available in 2014 Triaboost Micro Spray

Triaboost Micro Spray details also uploaded to our mobile site for ordering from mobile devices. Direct link to Triaboost Micro Spray on our Triplantanol Mobile Site

December 2014. Bougainvillea Page, How to flower Bougainvillea in a cold climate with the use of Triaboost products. New Univesity research provides evidence of the benefits of triacontanol on plant growth and flowering.

September 2015. Triacontanol Liquid solution 2000ppm, fully dissolved triacontanol sold in 100ml bottles. After a successful launch as ebay listings during the summer of 2015. Triacontanol 2000ppm as a hydropnics standard additive for customers that want to avoid possible dissolving problems.

September 2015. Launch of IBA-K the water soluble form of Indole-3-butyric acid on the website after home trials and assay in the lab during the summer. This aqueous form of IBA gives superior results to NAA and powder mixes. It is also safer to use than alcohol based solutions.